Going Green

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Here at Airhart Electric we feel a sense of responsibility to the environment and endeavor to try and keep the amount of waste material we send to the landfill to a minimum. As part of that effort all scrap wire, cables, electrical panels and other materials that our technicians bring back from job sites is sent to a local recycling facility. All monetary returns from these efforts are donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank on behalf of the customers and employees of Airhart Electric.

As part of Airhart Electric’s effort to go green we offer renewable energy products for the home and businesses. We can provide design and installation of renewable energy sources such as Wind Turbines and Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) which can be installed at your home or business.

Prior to designing a renewable energy source for your home or business we provide a detailed analysis of your electric consumption along with an estimated “Period of Return” on your investment for whichever alternate energy source you choose. Our analysis will show the average wind speed in your community as well as the average hours of sunlight per year. From this information a system can be designed specifically for your home or business. At the same time we will make suggestions for other energy saving components and devices you can use to better manage and control the electricity usage within the home or business.

We have factory trained technicians who can install Wind Turbines either on monopoles or directly to the home or business.

Please call today to schedule a walk-through so you can begin to lower your carbon footprint and save on your monthly bills.

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