9 Ways to Lower your Electric Bill this Summer!!


Switch to LED Bulbs – Comparing the electricity cost for one year, you’ll see that you could save about $10 by switching from incandescent to LED. This isn’t going to yield a huge savings , but it’s enough to make a difference.

Use a Power Strip – Even when your electronics are off, they are still energy-suckers if they are plugged in. Televisions and video game consoles are
the biggest energy hogs, even when turned off. If you plug them into a power strip, you can power off the strip in just one switch of a button instead of
unplugging each item.

Buy Energy Star Appliances – If you see the “Energy Star” label on an appliance it means it meets the efficiency guidelines that will save you upwards of $100 a year on your electric bill just by replacing one appliance.

Wash Cold – If you wash your laundry in cold water, you can save $60 or more in a single year.

Hang Dry – We all know the dryer heats up the home, and uses electricity. Drying clothes outside on a line can save you a nice chunk of change and keep your home cooler.

Use a programmable thermostat – Set your thermostat a few degrees higher when your not home, but schedule it to turn back down about 30 minutes before you arrive so it’s comfortable when you get home. You can cut your cooling costs by as much as 20% with this one switch.

Close your Shades – Not only does the sun come up earlier in the summer, it gets hotter faster. Closing your shades can drastically cut heat loss, especially if the have a insulating layer.

Change your filters – Air conditioner filters need to be changed every 30 days. Not only will this help with your electric bill, it’ll help keep the air a bit cleaner.

Lower the temp – No, not on the air conditioner. Lower the temperature on your water heater. Water heaters are the largest energy expense. Set your water temperature at 120 degrees. Headed out of town check to see if your water heater has a “vacation” setting.

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